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“Mindfulness in the Garden values weeds as important messengers seeking to bring into close communion our spiritual nature with that of the environment. It likens spiritual practice to cultivating a garden and inspires each person to accept themselves and start where they are, weeds and all. Through the practice of mindful gardening, we invite not only the thriving of the natural world but also the flowering and beauty of the pure land of our true self to emerge.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh


“I visited a garden that felt the way nature does, yet hung heavy with fruit and edible greens.  Soon I found a few others like it.  In these places, using new techniques from permaculture and ecological design, and old ones from indigenous people and organic gardening, a few pioneers have created landscapes that feel like nature but provide a home for people as well.”

Gaia’s Garden / Toby Hemingway



garden poem 

yesterday’s rains find the garden today
a caucophony of color & first fruits.

but worms have found the broccoli,
the special spiraling broccoli –
one infestation following another,
leaves turned to lace;
i smoosh their bodies and leave them there,
a medieval warning,
a kind of pesticide.


heated from the battle of worms,
i see a slug.
pitching the slimy body over the fence
far into the open field,
i notice the dry summer grass
under a relentless sun
– a wasteland –
to this, her garden of eden;

and i think to myself,
maybe god wanted to eat that apple.

jen taylor / july 8, 2016