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Burning Woman

Artist: Fei Fei Lua

Sanctuary Sunset 2012



Cacao Ceremony with Mona Moon  (11:30 – 1 pm / Fire Circle)

Start off your festival experience with a heart-opening cacao ceremony.  We will open up sacred space by calling the four directions, set individual and group intentions, and then drink ceremonial grade cacao.  Cacao, or raw chocolate, is a heart-opening plant medicine that has been used in ceremonies for centuries throughout the indigenous traditions of the Americans.  We will use shamanic journey, meditation, and gentle movements to activate the cacao and conclude the ceremony with a sound bath.  Cacao has many therapeutic benefits and encourages neuroplasticity, creating neural pathways that foster more joy, love, and connection.  This cacao is sourced from the cacao shaman on sacred Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.  Please R.S.V.P. for this, click here.

Mona Moon is a shamanic healing practitioner and yoga teacher specializing in ceremony. Her introduction to shamanism began while conducting research in the Peruvian Amazon for Stanford University. After studying ecotourism she spent the following two years traveling from the Peruvian jungle to Venezuela’s Caribbean islands learning from the land and studying from elders. Upon returning to the United States Mona met her first teacher of shamanism, who initiated her into the Q’ero lineage of mesa carriers native to the Peruvian Andes. 


Charge Up Your Chakras ~ Renee LaMark Muir  (1-2 pm / Yoga Field)

This is an inspirational and energetic exploration of the chakra system and yogic body.   You will flow through vinyasa yoga sequences and transformative body mandalas for each of the seven primary chakras.  This is a Prana Flow class, based on the teachings of Master Yoga Instructor Shiva Rea.  Prana Flow is a liberating, evolutionary, rhythmic, vinyasa flow class that encompasses mudra, chanting, bandha, pranayama, meditation, asana, kriya and a whole lot of fun.

Renee LaMark Muir is a certified Kripalu and Prana Flow instructor  (500 hour).  She has been practicing and studying yoga for more than 30 years and teaching for 17 years.  She currently teaches at Blue Moon Yoga Fitness in Deep River and Pradipika in Clinton, works with private clients at her home studio and teaches weekend retreats and workshops.  Renee’s approach to yoga is energetic, rhythmic and fun.  She emphasizes the fusion of traditional movements with contemporary dynamic flow that integrates breath and movement, inner and outer alignment, strength, flexibility and humor mixed with a touch of Tantra philosophy.  Her classes are uplifting and mentally and athletically challenging.


Healing your Gut – Brigitta Jansen (1-2 pm / Teepee)

Internal Bliss
100 trillion microbes live in our intestines. They make up 80% of our immune system and produce vitamins and amino acids that keep us healthy and happy. This delicate community is altered by prescription drugs, heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins, as well as psychological stress. Imbalances in gut flora are found in all chronic health conditions like cancer and diabetes, autoimmune conditions like eczema, allergies and asthma, and are linked to weight gain and depression.
Learn what you can do to restore and nourish a beneficial gut microbiome for maximum health and happiness.

Brigitta Jansen practices Functional Medicine Nutrition in Connecticut. She develops individualized treatment plans that aim to address the root cause of disease conditions. Her nutrition philosophy is to support the body’s innate ability to heal itself, using personalized diet and supplement programs, as well as lifestyle, prevention and other natural therapies. Brigitta is a summa cum laude graduate of the University of Bridgeport where she obtained her Masters in Human Nutrition.


Aerial Circus & Flying Yoga ~ Jen Taylor / OmFly (2-3pm / Circus Station)

Trapeze, silks & flying yoga.  Take your practice to the air.  Exercise through the art/science of play.

Jen Taylor shares a practice of circus (trapeze & aerial silks) fused with yoga, a kind of re-wilding medicine for domesticated times.   When we are in our bodies, we connect with self.  When we connect with self, we connect with others.  When we connect with others, we connect with the larger world and even the Earth.  When we connect with the Earth, true healing begins.  Jen is co-director of The Sanctuary and teaches classes, workshops and camps.  www.omfly.org


From Ecological Awareness to Spiritual Wisdom – Laura Torraco (2-3pm / Teepee)

What do permaculture, soil ecology, mycology and human body health have in common? Come find out while we delve into the magic of interrelationship within, without and the space between (our relationship.)

Laura has walked many lives in this one life, but a few things have remained constant in her journey down her path, these are plants, ecology, dance, poetry and a passion to teach and pass wisdom of being human down. She believes in the potency of the space between, the place of relationship as being most important when working in any level of healing from body/self to earth, and finds that the work to heal self also involves the healing of our outward communities and environment. She wishes to inspire awe and magic into our roles here as humans in this beautiful ecosystem through transmuting the wisdom of nature into the wisdom of our human nature.


Move & Meditate ~ Elana Kaufman (3-4 pm / Yurt)

This workshop combines organic movement, Yoga Asana, energetic clearing practices, and guided meditation. Together we’ll move, breathe, and be!  

Elana completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at the Expanding Light in California, focusing on the Ananda style of Hatha Yoga. She has also completed continuing education courses in Yin Yoga and Chakra Healing. As a Yoga Teacher, she enjoys holding the space for exploration, relaxation, joy, and healing and loves offering a variety of supporting music, chants, affirmations, and intentions as means for further connection and growth in Asana practice. She loves exploring Bhakti and all forms of devotional and spiritual chanting. Elana is a registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance as well as a Usui Reiki II level practitioner.  Click here to learn more about Elana.


Fire Ceremony – Kelli Joy (6-7 pm @ the Cauldron)

Pheonix Rising Fire Ceremony
Together we will walk the path around the sun, drop into our heart’s wisdom & let our inner brilliance blaze. Releasing to the fire the illusions shrouding our Love’s own light. As One we will rise from the ashes to take flight with renewed focus and intention on our path. Coming home as the carriers of the embers of Mother Earth’s own flame.
To help others heal, you must first heal yourself. 
Through the use of mindfulness practices, sound therapy, yoga, and meditative self inquiry, Kelli Joy’s practice helps shed layers of depression, anxiety, and suffering & renews our passion for living. Kelli Joy holds sacred space for individual and group healings in various modalities that include massage, sound therapy & meditation. She is a licensed massage therapist, contemplative life coach, medicinal aromatherapist and sound meditation practitioner, the combination can open the door to powerful transformation.


NYC’s hottest new funk sensation, The Clubs, play at 8 pm / Main Stage, with frontman Ian Kirkman.


Yoga in the Yurt

Maia Rose / Fire Spinner – Cirque de Beast, “A Tigress Reclaims Her Fire” / OmFly 2013