The Smiling Monk from Plum Village, France where they practice Engaged Buddhism under the guidance and teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. It is this model we practice at The Sanctuary.


At the Sanctuary we practice and enjoy many forms of meditation by bringing it off the mat and into our every day-ness.  We love to share and enjoy these practices with the community.


    LovingKindness & Touching the Earth meditations are offered weekly at the Sanctuary (Sunday 3-5)



    “The real miracle is to walk on the Earth.”  – Thich Nhat Hanh

    Wherever we walk, we can practice meditation. This means that we know that we are walking. We walk just for walking. We walk with freedom and solidity, no longer in a hurry. We are present with each step. And when we wish to talk we stop our movement and give our full attention to the other person, to our words and to listening.

    Walking in this way should not be a privilege. We should be able to do it in every moment. Look around and see how vast life is, the trees, the white clouds, the limitless sky. Listen to the birds. Feel the fresh breeze. Life is all around and we are alive and healthy and capable of walking in peace.


    Mindfulness in Eating allows us to become truly nourished through the mindful preparation, serving, eating and cleaning up of food.  Eating is a chance to return to the present moment and stop the rushing and the planning, a chance to nourish our bodies and know that we are not destroying the Earth by doing so.


    Mindfulness in the Garden values weeds as important messengers seeking to bring into close communion our spiritual nature with that of the environment. It likens spiritual practice to cultivating a garden and inspires each person to accept themselves and start where they are, weeds and all. Through the practice of mindful gardening, we invite not only the thriving of the natural world but also the flowering and beauty of the pure land of our true self to emerge.


    With 30 acres of forest, walking trails, a gurgling stream and beaver ponds, there are numerous nooks to discover and practice the Japanese art of forest bathing.  Find a place to sit, be still & listen.  Open to the public anytime.



Please contact us for guidance in any of the above practices!