Spiritual Community Without Authority

The Sanctuary organization is chartered to promote interfaith spiritual practice. Emphasis at the Sanctuary is on inclusiveness – not mere tolerance, but the engagement, conversation, and celebration of diverse faiths, and approaches to faith, and for individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual identity, gender identity, class, etc.

What we offer is the holding of sacred space to foster the inclusive search for sacred meaning and personal transformation.

We see spirituality as something not merely to be pursued and experienced in ritual, prayer, or meditative union with sacred meaning, but in works. A spiritual, reverential attunement to life naturally unfolds into practice, expressing itself in and through the ways we nurture our relationships to other living beings, to our unions of cooperation and identity, to the cosmological origins and destinies of our lives together, to our deepest selves.

We discover the Divine in service to our local communities, in holistic, healthy, mindful living and relationships, in nurturance for all life, in reducing our environmental footprint, and in intergenerational, communal, integrated, continuing education.

Our integral spirituality is practiced, developed and sustained at the Sanctuary generally by our attempt to use the resources and community of the Sanctuary to foster a deeper level of partnership between the human and non-human living beings within the larger biotic-spiritual community.

The more specific content of that interfaith spirituality is something which is being determined through an ongoing process of dialogue amongst the members of the Sanctuary community.

                                                     We went looking for faith on the forest                 

                                                      floor and it showed up everywhere. 

                                                                                                   Neil Young