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March 1, 2015

“With methods and concepts gleaned from nature,  these gardens represent a new type of landscape that provides for people as well as for the rest of nature.  You could think of them as “edible landscaping meets wildlife gardening,” but they are much more than that.  These are true backyard ecosystems – not just disconnected fragments – that are as resilient, diverse, productive, and beautiful as those in nature.  They are not merely flowery showplaces or ruler straight arrays of row crops.  Yet they also are not the brambly tangles that identify many wildlife gardens.  They are places where conscious design has been melded with a respect and understanding of nature’s principles.

The result is a living and riotously abundant landscape in which all the pieces work together to yield food, flowers, medicinal and edible herbs, even craft supplies and income for the human inhabitants, while providing diverse habitat for helpful insects, birds, and other wildlife.  Places where nature does most of the work, but where people are as welcome as the other inhabitants of Earth. “

-excerpt from Gaia’s Garden

Client name
The Earth
Weeding Meditation, Composting, Soil-Building